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壮腰宝-V (Back Healer -V)


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The Back-Healer works on the dissemination & assimilation motion, which arch the back slightly to relieve compression cause in the herniation. Pressures is relieved on the front side of the disc which in turn create a vacuum that draws the herniation back in slightly, therefore lessening the painfull pressures on the nerves roots. 壮腰宝使脊背小幅度的弯曲,以减轻脊椎之间的压迫。当椎间盘前端的压力减轻,将形成一个空间,减轻因压迫到神经根所产生的疼痛。有效治疗背部和腿部疼痛,麻木,无力的同时,通过吸收附近血液所供应的液体修复光盘。 1)首先,將壯腰宝橫放在地上或床上(把高弧度的地方放置在疼痛或治疗的部位) *如果擁有肩膀或背上問題,請將高弧度的一方置放在肩膀或背上;腰部疼痛与下半身问题,请将高弧度的一方置放在腰部。 2)雙手握緊壯腰宝的兩端,慢慢讓身體後仰(切勿急速躺下)請確保臀部完全躺在或觸及表層 (床上或地上)*您必須在躺下時將壯腰宝擺放在最舒服的位置。* 3)想擁有更佳的效果,將雙腿伸直然後把雙手擺放在頭部兩方,形成一條直線。 *當雙手擺放在頭部兩方時,如果感到疼痛就把雙手放下,切勿勉強。 4)首次使用者建議請先在床上開始使用壯腰宝,將枕頭置放在頸部和頭部底下,然後在壯腰寶上鋪放毛巾 以減輕剛使用時的不適或堅硬感觉。使用十天后,使用者可以在地板或硬質地面上使用壯腰宝, 無須再使用毛巾或枕頭。 5)療程完畢後,請把身體往側邊移動,然後將壯腰宝拿開。之後,在此躺下長達二、三分鐘, 讓身體獲得全面的放鬆。 Hold the tip of the stretcher with 2 hands & place back stretcher on the floor/bed with the higher curve on the lower back. *( If the problem is on shoulder or upper back, place the higher curve on the upper back ) For an effective results, stretch 2 legs straight and place 2 hands over the head. * Hands placed over the head, put hands down if you feel pain , do not manage. Placed a pillow beneath neck & head , then put a towel on it in order to alleviate the discomfort. After 10 days, user no longer need to use a towel or pillow. After treatment, move your body to sideway, and move away back heal. After this lying down for 2 to 3 mins, let your body fully relaxed.


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