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Perfect Back Rest


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Back Pain? Sit more than 2 hours a day? You need Dr. Ho’s Perfect Backrest!
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What is the Perfectback™ Rest?

DR-HO'S® Perfectback ™ Rest is a back support system engineered by Dr. Michael Ho, to support the spine's natural curve in order to improve posture, stretch the spine, and decrease back pain from prolonged periods of sitting. The Perfectback ™ Rest can be strapped to any chair in order to elongate and support the spine at home, at work, in the car, or even during core exercises. 


How does the Perfectback™ Rest work?

The designers and manufacturers of the chairs we are sitting in every day do not always take into account the harmful effects that prolonged sitting have on the spine. The Perfectback ™ Rest was designed by experts that recognize the natural shape of the spine and aim to protect this with a carefully engineered shape. Using the Perfectback ™ Rest is easy. You simply sit with your back against the support system and gently press your back into the Acupressure Massage Nodes that are built into the system for a gentle massage. The primary goal of this design is to compliment the spine's natural shape to produce long-term benefits for the back.  


Why would someone need the Perfectback™ Rest?

Modern chairs can create a misfit between the shape of the chair and the shape of the spine. Our body begins to slump over into positions of poor posture and lose the natural lordosis curvature of the spine. Over time, the result is both serious musculoskeletal strain and pain that could materialize into conditions like sciatica or degenerative and bulging discs. The Perfectback ™ Rest was specifically made to maintain the spine's curve, reduce stress on the discs, promote proper posture, and guard against back pain that is produced by extended time sitting. Individuals who have a desire to prevent back pain or are currently dealing with back pain could both benefit from this support system. 


Important features of the Perfectback™ Rest.

The Perfectback™ Rest has many important features that allow it to stand apart from other back support systems on the market. A few of these include:


• Ergonomic support

• Acupressure Massage Nodes 
• Adjustable strap 
• Specially engineered 
• Portable & lightweight 

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